Identity at Cable Service Providers

In order to transact remotely, via telephone or the internet, one must demonstrate who one is. Identity As A Service (IAAS) and Identity Assurance is a subscriber-led concept in which subscribers prove who they are to cable service providers.

The “identity” a subscriber seeks to assert is not their physical being, but rather an informational representation of the chain of life events that is defined by who they are. For cable providers, a subscriber needs to assert that they are the person who opened or assumed an account and are therefore entitled to access information, including associated voice-mail and email.

All subscribers are concerned with protecting the integrity of their personal data, but they will vary in the extent of privacy protection. Many will favor privacy over convenience and will prefer not to share any personal data.

Identity assurance is not identity management, in which an organization shares and stores data about their subscribers. This distinction is fundamental. Identity management benefits the holder of information. Identity assurance benefits the subscriber.

Although identity assurance and management technology may be similar, the design of the system is very different. An identity assurance scheme which delivers high levels of assurance for subscribers will address the amount and type of data stored and the degree to which that information is even shared.


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