Identity and Cable Provider Needs

1. Background
Subscriber are attracted to the online experience because it is quicker, and more convenient. For cable providers, the online shift creates ways to attract new subscribers, increase revenue and cut the cost of manual paper-based processes.
It enables the cable industry to compete with other telecoms in a way we have never done before, and projects us forward to become one of the leading digital economies worldwide. However, with this move online and more businesses and consumers transacting in this way, fraud is also booming. Hackers are stealing personal data at an increasing rate in the knowledge that this personal data has value in enabling access to consumer and business services where money or goods can be stolen. Additionally, in the race to create value through marketing, corporations are increasingly requesting too much, exploiting, and in some cases selling, individual’s personal data without knowledge or consent. Governments are raising concerns about this and in some cases raising legal action to protect subscribers. Concerns about privacy and the protection of personal data are increasingly of importance to the public. This perceived lack of control over their data, along with high profile losses of personal data by organizations, add to the concern.

Cable experience providers must give higher assurance of their subscribers’ identity. This increased fraud, compromise of personal information and a lack of trust is damaging for not only subscribers and businesses, but for the entire economy. It threatens to slow digital growth and to affect the global market place.
Being able to know whom we are dealing with online, in a safe secure way while protecting privacy, is important to ensuring users and organizations can continue to trust and transact online. How the Cable Industry deals with this issue will be paramount to its digital growth. The current marketplace is fragmented, any standards or regulation that do exist differ from sector to sector meaning there is no consistent approach to addressing the problem of online identity. In relation to solving the issue, there are many point solutions in the emerging marketplace of identity verification and authentication services, but generally they are not subscriber centric. Users may have limited or no control over their personal data, and this existing marketplace means subscribers have to have their identity verified many multiples of times. In summary the current cable industry identity ecosystem is suboptimal. There are a number of different ways in which a federated approach could be adopted. However, the core principle is that trust frameworks are in place that allow the user to reuse identity services across different transactional contexts. In simple terms: verify once, use many times.


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