Identity System Benefits

  1. Privacy protections for individuals, who will be able trust that their personal data is handled fairly and transparently
  2. Convenience for individuals, who may choose to share less personally identifiable information than they do today
  3. Efficiency for organizations, which will benefit from a reduction in paper-based and account management processes
  4. Ease-of-use, by automating identity solutions whenever possible and basing them on technology that is simple to operate
  5. Security, by making it more difficult for criminals to compromise identity
  6. Confidence that subscriber identities are adequately protected, thereby promoting the use of cable provider services
  7. Innovation, by lowering the risk associated with private and confidential information and by enabling service providers to develop or expand protection of subscriber data privacy
  8. Choice, as cable providers offer subscribers different—yet interoperable—identity credentials and media
  9. Minimalization, only the minimum necessary information will be shared in a transaction. For example, the Identity Ecosystem will allow a consumer to provide her age during a transaction without also providing her birth date, name, address, or other identifying data.

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